Jan 13 2011

Twilight is forever

Jan 5 2011

Drunk Dad

This isn’t supposed to be funny but it is.

Jan 5 2011

Ming the Merciless

I see cool-aide in their future.

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Dec 1 2010

Burning the candle at the wrong end

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Aug 15 2010

Mom’s book club will be so proud

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Jul 18 2010


I’m sneaking this one in. Technically he is not the father but he is the host of a family show. This is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. It is so bad you can hear someone in the audience say, “Dirty old man”.

Jul 11 2010


It’s not the gay that is going to scar him. I would make just as much fun if it was a straight guy walking around in S&M gear.

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Jul 7 2010

Twilight Mom

The only think creepier would be if this was dad.

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Jul 5 2010

Mother of the year

I like how she smashes her kids head into the shelf:

Everything is better with the Benny Hill theme song:

Jul 4 2010

Protecting the crib

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